The Process

All Teagan & Ash handpainted paper products begin with a single sheet of archival quality paper. The signature Teagan & Ash look is created by a fusion of ancient techniques and modernized application. Suzanne hand mixes her paints and uses a series of tools such as paint brushes, sponges, and webbing to transform plain paper into metallic and vibrant creations. Each sheet of paper is then torn, cut, and reassembled into a range of items from journals and frames to boxes and jewelry. 

Suzanne's Story

The story of Teagan & Ash begins with the familiar dilemma of the modern woman: the choice between career and family. In 1990, pregnant with her second child, Suzanne transformed the basement of her home in Woodstock, CT into an art studio. Suzanne discovered her own unique paper painting techniques through a series of experimentation, creating a distinct look that stood out from traditional marbling. From the start Suzanne had family in mind naming her new company after her 6 year old son Ashton and her newborn baby girl Teagan. The first products she sold were small mini frames, an easy way to display the small prints from school picture day. Using the pieces left over she developed a line of pins and earrings. Drawing from her background as a certified picture framer her product line continued to grow expanding to mats and frames. Again, with her children in mind, her ever popular and affectionately named "Brag Books" were created. Now with her children fully grown, Suzanne continues to work and create her artwork from her home studio. 

Teagan and Ashton a few years after Teagan & Ash began. 

The kids all grown up! From left to right: Teagan, Ashton, and Siri (born after the creation of the company)